National Conference on Volunteerism 2014

~Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Social Services will formally inaugurate its National Volunteering Secretariat and launch´s its National Conference on Volunteerism 2014 at 08:30 on 14 October.

Register to follow the launch and conference sessions (14-15 October 2014)

~About the Conference

The fully operational National Volunteering Secretariat (NVS) will be established on October 14, 2014 as a permanent unit under the Ministry of Social Services, Sri Lanka in collaboration with the United Nations Volunteers, Sri Lanka for the promotion, coordination, facilitation and support of Volunteerism in the country.

The first-ever  National Conference on Volunteerism with the theme of Volunteerism - the Spark of Inspiration will be held on 14th - 15th October 2014 to celebrate the new era of volunteerism which the National Volunteering Secretariat will introduce to Sri Lanka. This conference seeks to explore scholarly findings and expert views on the impact of volunteerism on the country while lighting and brightening small sparks of inspiration to volunteering in the hearts of Sri Lankans to build and rebuild the country.

~Five Themes of the Conference

  1. Effect of Volunteering on Post conflict Development, Peace, Reconciliation, Social Integration and Reintegration
  2. Impact of Corporate Volunteering on Economic & Social Development
  3. Providing Economic Value to Volunteering Contributions
  4. Impact of Youth Volunteering on the Development
  5. Impact of Volunteering on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

For more information: visit

National Volunteering Secretariat, Ministry of Social Services, Level 1, Sethsiripaya Stage II, Battaramulla, LK | +94-11-2187005, 3560447, 7207652

Lunes, Octubre 13, 2014 - 16:15
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